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Trinity Staff

Our Ministry Team

Trinity Staff

Our Ministry Team
Bob Guilford Headshot

Pastor Bob Guilford

Lead Pastor

What do you want to see happen at Trinity?

I get excited teaching the Bible in a relevant way and seeing the "lights go on" as people discover biblical truths. I want to develop disciples that learn the Truth, seek God and His ways, influence their community and invest in God's kingdom.

Tell us about your family.

I'm married to Holly and have six kids and a new grandson. Four of my kids are married, Becca is studying at Grand Valley and Blake is in high school. We love the changes in the seasons, the outdoors and taking our dog, Wrigley, on daily walks. No, life is never dull but is full of excitement.

Who do you cheer for?

I am originally from the Chicago suburbs so I cheer for the Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls. I graduated from Michigan State so I bleed Green and White for the Spartans.

Ben Tacoma Headshot

Pastor Ben Tacoma

Youth Pastor

Why youth ministry?

It's something adult believers sometimes forget, but church is supposed to be fun! All that God has done for us, what we deserved, and the grace we received... church is a celebration of God's work and kingdom! I don't look down on young believers, after all "Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong." 1 Corinthians 1:26-27 

Tell us about your family.

Hananiah and I married in 2010. We had Oliver in 2016 and then Scarlett in 2018. Raising little humans is not an easy task, but it is very rewarding! Hananiah love movies, music, coffee, and Paris. I love science-fiction and fantasy, studying Scripture, and playing difficult board games with my friends. Oliver enjoys cookies, body-slamming balloons, and anything water related. Scarlett enjoys smiling at strangers, melting hearts, and eating crumbs off the floor.

Who do you cheer for?

Who do I cheer for? (aside from the Green Hornets, obviously) I mean, I know I'm just a muggle who's never attended Hogwarts, but I still cheer for Gryffindor! I wave the scarlet and gold proudly! I know it's cliche and everyone roots for them but what can I say? They are the best. When Harry caught the golden Snitch in his mouth I think I almost died! There has never been more epic moment in sports history. Sometimes I'll cheer for Hufflepuff, I love a good underdog story. ;)

Mark Edwards Headshot

Pastor Mark Edwards

Associate Pastor

Have you ever done anything with music?

Let's see, music? Well, I was a public school vocal and instrumental teacher/administrator for 31 years. I had a state and national champion marching/concert/drumline bands and held many offices at the state level for the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association.  My top band was invited to Russia to tour by their government, won the Toronto International, Washington International and Gatorbowl Marching competitions, and my jazz band won a clinic at the Kennedy Center with Winton Marsalis. My wife and I have collaborated on several musicals and church Cantatas. We strive to involve the arts with our students as a means of outreach.

Tell us about your family.

My family is quite small by Trinity standards with just my wife Denise and my twenty something son Chris. Both are very active at Trinity. You will see my wife with a guitar upfront or running the sound and computers in the back. My son will be the guy behind the camera trying to blend in (he is 6ft and the tallest Edwards in the history of our extended family). We have been a part of the Trinity family for over 25 years. 

Beth Bellows Headshot

Beth Bellows

Financial Assistant
Jen Swan Headshot

Jennifer Swan

Ministry Assistant
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