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Oh, That Smell!

Some of my favorite smells are buttered popcorn at the movie theater, an apple-cinnamon candle, sauteed green peppers and onions, and barbeque on the grill. I can imagine smelling them right now and it makes me hungry. There is something about smells that take you to a great place. It reminds you of food or hanging out with friends or peaceful times.

The thing about these smells is that they go everywhere. Often I can smell something cooking on the grill before I get in the door. Or I can all of a sudden get the urge to have popcorn when I go to the movies. Smells are powerful and can change my thoughts, my mood, and my desires in a good way.

The other day I was reading from 2 Corinthians 2:14-16 which talks about my smell as I walk in a room.

But thanks be to God, who always leads us in Christ’s triumphal procession and through us spreads the aroma of the knowledge of him in every place. For to God, we are the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. To some, we are an aroma of death leading to death, but to others, an aroma of life leading to life.  2 Corinthians 2:14-16

It hit me that every day, no matter if I know it or not, I’m the fragrance of Christ. Wherever I go, whether it’s the store, the office, or the ballgame, I’m the fragrance of Christ, at least I hope I am. I have to ask myself, what is the aroma of Christ that I give? If your presence was the only picture of Jesus someone saw, how clear of a picture would they get? How can you spread the aroma of Christ with those around you today?

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